Kumpeli Spa
Telephone (03) 812 7100

Welcome to the feel good Kumpeli Spa to enjoy a stress- free environment and relaxing treatments.

The Spa is open 2 PM - 9 PM Mon-Sat. For groups we are open also at other time.

Kumpeli Spa's sauna selection is an infrared-, aroma-, steam-, and a traditional Finnish sauna.

The pool section has a swimming/therapy pool, jacuzzis,and both cold and hot foot massaging tubs.

A relaxing area with heated resting chairs, a salt room, a fitness center and the spa's outside terrace right by the river.

Right front of the terrace there is also an opportunity to dip into the fresh and natural lake water for a swim.

Kumpeli Spa also has diverse massage and natural treatments. 

Please notice that our lockers work with either a 50 cent or 1 euro coin.

Entrance fees

17 € entrance between 2-5 PM incl. 2 towels                  
21 €  entrance between 2-5 PM incl. robe and towel
20 € entrance between 5-9 PM incl. 2 towels
25 € entrance between 5-9 PM incl. robe and towel

All fees include the use of our pools, saunas, the salt room and the gym.

Now you can also pay by Smartum and Virike coupons.